Questions & Answers

How does the 2017-2019 edition differ from earlier editions?

The Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) reorganized the content of the exam beginning in January 2017 based on the most recent practice audit. The 2017-2019 edition has added topics and updated material based on the new CDR outline.

Does the manual contain test questions?

No. Our format is a comprehensive book of study notes with information to answer questions however they may be asked. If you want sample tests we recommend getting practice tests from the Commission on Dietetic Registration or online from

How long does it take to get a book?

If you order a copy through, you have a choice in how you want it sent. If you order from this website we typically ship via USPS Priority Mail Service.

How much does the book cost?

The price of Review of Dietetics remains at $150, and that price has not changed for over a decade. You pay for shipping of the printed manual and state sales tax if the book is sent to an Ohio address.

Can I copy pages from the manual?

No, each page notes that this manual is copyrighted material that cannot be duplicated without permission. Copying it is illegal and a breach of professional ethics.

If I buy the book, will I pass the exam?

That depends on how much you already know and how much you study the contents of the manual. Those who have used the manual often thank us and tell us that the manual was a great help and that they passed the RD exam.